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Cormach cranes are manufecterd with the right constructive concept.

All Cormach cranes have the same constructive concept:

  • Column with twin mast. Big dimensions slew bearing with rotation motor placed in external position, and gerabox.
  • The slew bearing is installed on base of the crane. Cormach desing allow the stress distribution and prevents stresses concentration.
  • The cantilever structure with the double column distribute stresses and shocks on the big dimensions slew bearing and through the bearing to the stabilisers and then to the ground thanks to the chassis that acts as a counterweight.
  • • The double sandwich structure of the double column is calculated to resist the torsion stresses created by the rotation and absorbs the shokcs created by sudden movements.

Only Cormach uses the structure throughout the line.

The Cormach structure with slew bearing and column is used by the majority of manufacturers when the cranes get bigger, only Cormach uses the structure throughout the line. The concept is giving a number of advantages:

  • Symmetry in relation with the rotation axle makes sure that the load distribution is perfectly centered and therefore cause less wearing on pins and bushes
  • Lowcentre of gravity, considering that all heavy componentsare located at basement level. Continuos rotation is an option throughout the line but is standard on the bigger model s.
  • Beginning from the 9800E the main boom is lifted by two cylinders achieving an optimal stresses distribution .
  • The crane weight is usually less when compared with similar competitors crane .
  • The space needed is usually less than the space needed by other manufacturers.
  • The component inspection is easy thanks to the fact that all components are easily reachable locations.
  • Maintenance is made easier by easily reachable components, all losses can be easily tracked down