Video - Corporate and cranes in action

This section has a series of short videos to introduce the company, the crane construction cycle, and specific models in the range. In the corporate video we have attempted to illustrate Cormach's strengths i.e. experience, engineering research and Italian creativity. You can also see the departments where the entire design and production cycle to construct our cranes is implemented, in addition to all constituent elements. The models shown in the videos represent a small selection of our cranes in action; Cormach's entire product range can be viewed in detail on the website.
Enjoy the show.
Cormach video company
Cormach 575000
Cormach 39000E6F64
Cormach 60000E6F134
Cormach 95000E8F186
Cormach 110000E7
Cormach 150000XE8F308