Fixed and marine cranes

Specialists in the construction of fixed cranes
At Cormach we have also been specialising in the construction of fixed cranes for some years now. These cranes are secured to any fixed surface, the ground or a vessel, do not require the use of stabilisers, and include the operating position.

Highly reliable marine cranes
When fixed cranes are secured to vessels they are commonly known as marine cranes. In these cases we make equipment that we know is ideal for withstanding the aggressive atmospheric agents typical of a marine environment. Every component of this type of crane is treated very specifically. Marine cranes are designed to standard EN 12999. The structural steelwork, shafts, cylinders, valves and all other components are made of galvanised, anti-rust materials protected with wax.

All Cormach models
Some examples of marine cranes we have made in recent years are illustrated on this page. All of the light, medium and heavy-duty models you see on this website can also be made in the fixed or marine version. We can configure and implement whatever type of model you need to meet your lifting and handling requirements.